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What Clients Say

James – May 2018

“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Sammarco and her staff after needing legal representation for a personal injury case. We actually stumbled upon Sammarco Law Firm after my husband conducted an internet search for our specific needs. Since the search was internet driven and not a verbal referral, I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I was reluctant to move forward with their services. But, my husband was confident in his internet findings.

I am beyond thankful I did not go with my gut for this instance. Alissa was very professional and very thorough with her investigation into my matter. She did not view as just another client, but rather a person with a very real and personal matter. She accurately advised me of my case, what actions needed to take place, time frames, any possible challenges we could potentially face and what steps she would take should any of those possibilities become a reality. I never felt alone during this whole process.

Alissa and her staff are truly an amazing team! I would highly recommend the Sammarco Law Firm to anyone seeking legal representation!”

Anthony – July 2019

“Smart, caring and courageous attorney. I have seen her in action. She’s a lawyer’s lawyer.”

Mark – January 2019

“Alissa knows her business and the result was even better than she estimated. No regrets!”

Aaron – August 2019

“Sammarco law comes highly recommended. The attorney and her workers are A-1.”