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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend, Until They’re Not

Many people consider dogs to be a part of their family. It’s understandable that people are protective and defensive of their beloved pets. However, dogs are still animals and can be unpredictable, especially when the dog is not your own pet.

When a dog bite happens, serious injuries can result. The injuries may be to any part of the body, but especially the face, arms and legs. Bite injuries may be minor, but often they are serious. Our cases have ranged from a dog biting a nose off to a dog seriously scarring a young child’s face.

Mental Trauma Often Results

In additional to visible physical injuries, being the victim of a dog bite may cause mental trauma and stress. As a result of a mauling, a victim may have lingering effects and fears from the event. Beyond the physical scarring, a victim may have emotional stress and require therapy and other treatment to address mental health concerns. When an animal attacks, you may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other anxiety.

Having a strong advocate who understands the potential for mental trauma and stress and then knows how to recover for these expenses is crucial to getting the help you need. We are accomplished personal injury attorneys who can help you with your dog bite case.

A Lawyer Can Help You Evaluate Your Case

When you consult with an experienced attorney from The Sammarco Law Firm, LLC, you benefit from our knowledge of Ohio law. We investigate who may be responsible — whether the dog owner or not — as well as gather and review medical records and witness statements. Dog bite cases, like most personal injury cases, take a lot of time, attention and detail to get the correct answers. We have the background to be efficient and effective in this practice.

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